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Send Your Child Back to School with a Confident Smile


School is back in session for Loudoun County, and while parents are happy, many children are not.

For some children, going back to school means the return of tests, homework, and boring classes. It also means meeting new friends and trying new things, but if your child needs or has braces, they may not be able to do this with confidence.


Although necessary for dental hygiene, braces can feel uncomfortable and look unattractive. The last thing you want is your child to feel self-conscious and be unable to do their best at school. Invisalign treatment, a series of clear thermoplastic trays that fit around your teeth, are the ultimate alternative to metal braces. Loudoun Dental smiles offers Invisalign dentistry in Leesburg and the surrounding region.

Here’s why you should consider Invisalign for your child this school year:

  • Invisalign is almost invisible: Appropriately named, Invisalign aligners are clear and almost invisible, so others will see nothing but your child’s beautiful smile. Your child can wear them all day long without even thinking about it!
  • Invisalign is pain-free: Invisalign is simply a series of plastic trays, with no metal or screws to be found. This means no routine tightening, no snapped bands, no sharp edges, and no pain.
  • Invisalign is fast: Depending on your child’s teeth and how much they must be straightened, Invisalign treatment can often be faster than standard metal braces. Your child will have a perfect smile in no time.


Invisalign Dentistry in Leesburg

If your child needs braces, contact your family dentist in Leesburg to learn about Invisalign! Loudoun Dental Smiles offers Invisalign dentistry in Leesburg and the surrounding Loudoun County. Our experienced and compassionate dentists understand that your child’s confidence is incredibly important for their success in school. That’s why we’ll make sure your child is fitted properly for Invisalign aligners to give them the most comfortable experience possible. Our office also offers other cosmetic dentistry in Leesburg, so you can be sure that we are your one-stop shop for all the dental services you and your family may need.

Help your child take on the school year with confidence! Contact Loudoun Dental Smiles at (703) 779-7779 to learn more about Invisalign.

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