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6 Ways to Fight Cavities This Halloween

Halloween is a dreaded holiday for any parent who struggles to get their child to practice good dental hygiene. On Halloween night, your children will dress up in costumes and collect piles of sticky and sweet food that has the potential to cause cavities and other dental problems. Eating too much sugary candy and not maintaining excellent dental hygiene could lead to an unfortunate dentist visit in the future.

Halloween Kids

You may picture chocolate as the biggest contributor to cavities around Halloween, but other candy can pack a nasty punch. Did you know sour or fruity candies can be acidic to your teeth, and actually wear down the enamel that protects them?

So what can you do? You still want your child to have a great Halloween, but you don’t want to have to bring them to the dentist for a filling.

  1. Choose reduced-sugar or sugar-free candies. You can’t control the type of candy that other houses give your child, but you can pick the kind you give your own children and other trick-or-treaters. Most stores carry equally tasty sugar-free or reduced-sugar versions of Halloween favorites, including chocolate, peanut butter cups, and various filled or hard candies. These options won’t completely eliminate the risk of tooth decay, but they can significantly cut sugar intake.
  2. Give out unconventional goodies. There are plenty of alternatives to candy that you can give your children and other trick-or-treaters this year. As far as food goes, you can give out little packs of raisins or pretzels as a healthy treat. For other fun giveaways, you can give out little trinkets like stickers, press-on tattoos, plastic rings, or other small toys.
  3. Go to a Halloween program or event. Try going out to an event instead of having your children trick-or-treat. These events are a great place for adults and children to socialize while enjoying snacks and fun activities without taking home baskets full of tooth-rotting sugar.
  4. Set a limit. Only allow your kids to have a certain amount of candy each day. For this, you may need to hold onto their candy supply to prevent them from eating it all on their own.
  5. Donate excess candy. Many communities have programs that will send it to troops or donate $1 for every pound of candy donated. Candy can also be donated to fire stations, schools (for rewards), or other offices in the community.
  6. Maintain excellent dental hygiene. Especially around Halloween, make sure your children are brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. You may even have them brush an extra time in the few days after Halloween to counteract the effects of candy.

Halloween is a lot of fun, but make sure your children don’t give themselves cavities by consuming too much candy this year. Take them to Loudoun Dental Smiles for a cleaning before Halloween! We provide family dentistry in Northern Virginia. Contact us today at (703) 779-7779 to schedule your appointment! Happy Halloween!

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